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Building an IDEAL Company

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC has made its mark by developing the iconic products and practical technology demanded by critical industries like data communications, aerospace, electrical, wire processing, automotive, construction and more.

We’re best known for our wire connectors, which have become the go-to standard for electrical connections around the world, but our innovations also touch the sky -- where nearly every commercial jet flying today was made using IDEAL wire strippers. We’ve reached the moon, as part of the critical equipment on NASA missions. Best of all, we touch the daily lives of skilled tradesmen around the globe, who reach for IDEAL, Western Forge and SK brand hand tools to get the job done right.

Family-Owned, Professionally Managed

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From its beginnings over 100 years ago, the IDEAL success story is propelled by the core family values expressed by our founder, J. Walter Becker. Since 1916, we’ve been family-owned and singularly focused on forging ideal relationships with our customers, our employees and our communities. Each generation of family ownership is expected to leave the company stronger for the next. Most important, the family stewardship of IDEAL ensures that our professional management team has the strategic alignment, resources and patience to grow and strengthen the company for generations to come.

Focused on the Future

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We’re focused on the markets that exist today, but we’re also poised to serve the markets of tomorrow. IDEAL is a pioneer of easy-to-use innovations for a range of critical industries, striving to re-invent ourselves and the industries we serve wherever we can. It is our long-term thinking that allows us to anticipate and answer the needs of tomorrow’s tradesmen.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last century, but we’re even more ambitious about the next 100 years. That’s how you build an IDEAL company.

Innovating for the Modern Professional

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We believe in innovative ideas for hardworking professionals -- skilled tradesmen like electricians, contractors, mechanics, data communications pros and systems builders. These unsung problem solvers demand smart, tough, high-performance products that work right the first time. They also demand the innovations that keep them a step ahead of the challenges that drive the industries in which they work.

We innovate by listening. While most companies tell them “here’s what we’ve got,” we’re constantly asking, “What do you need?”

Building an IDEAL Culture

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Ask anyone who works at IDEAL to describe the company, and you’ll hear words like “refreshing” and “creative” and “entrepreneurial.” Ideas thrive at every level of IDEAL because our employees know that collaboration is not only crucial to our customers, it’s also the key to our company’s success. From our top engineers and industrial designers, to the highly skilled men and women on the manufacturing floor, to IDEAL product experts working in the field, creative freedom is what allows everyone to grow and thrive. It all comes from the family values that drive us, which instill the belief that everyone can make a difference.

Striking an IDEAL Balance

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For IDEAL stakeholders and management, planning isn’t about the next quarter, it’s about the next generation. While accomplishing our long-term objectives doesn’t always demand an immediate return, our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship can foster product development from concept to market faster than most. We call this the IDEAL balance.

The goal is and has always been building a robust pipeline of new products and game-changing innovations that will lead the market.

Committed to Keeping It Home

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At a time when most manufacturers are taking production overseas, our commitment to American-made quality and homegrown manufacturing has never been stronger. At IDEAL, we believe that there’s always been value in companies staying true to their local roots, but it might be more important now than ever. From across the street to across the globe, IDEAL is dedicated to making our products in the communities where our customers live and work.

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