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With an impressive array of inventions and patents to its credit, Anderson Power Products® APP® has been a premiere innovator and manufacturer in the evolving world of power connectors and accessories. It serves a variety of industries including material handling, electric vehicles, telecom, personal mobility, medical, office equipment, power management and solar power.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, APP® has established a reputation for high-quality products, on-time deliveries and excellent customer service with design, customer support and manufacturing operations around the world.

Company History

Since being established in 1877, APP® has contributed inventions and innovations for high power connections to support a variety of industries. One of their first inventions was the trolley pole, first used in the overhead system of electric railways in 1890.  Other industry-leading APP® innovations included the first SB® storage battery connectors for electric forklifts and the Powerpole® family of connectors, which was initially designed for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in San Francisco.

In the years that followed, these Powerpole® connectors were adapted for new markets and applications including wheelchairs, floor sweepers, power supplies, postal systems, wireless telecom equipment and medical applications.

In the 2000’s, APP® expanded its reach internationally to better understand and serve the changing needs of its customers.  APP® innovation has continued with the introduction of the PowerMod®, Power Drawer®, Saf-D-Grid® and SPEC Pak® families of connectors, delivering more flexibility than ever by offering mixed power and signal contacts.

Website: www.andersonpower.com

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