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Casella is a renowned leader in the development, manufacture and supply of occupational health and environmental monitoring instrumentation. Popular Casella products include the iconic dBadge and the intrinsically safe Tuff® pump, along with real-time dust monitors, personal sampling pumps, sound level meters, noise dosimeters and vibration monitors.

With offices in the US and a vast network of global operations, Casella is able to meet customer needs worldwide.

Casella continues to invest in areas such as product development, manufacturing and compliance, holding ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Company History

Casella traces its beginnings back to 1799, when many of the most important meteorological breakthroughs were made, including the invention of the world’s first clinical thermometer.

Since then, Casella has transitioned into the world of occupational and environmental monitoring equipment, with more than 40 years of innovation in noise measurement and more than 60 years in dust measurement.

Casella’s technological innovations have produced several world-firsts including:  the personal sampling pump (1952); the electronic integrating noise meter (1972); the integrating noise meter with microprocessor control CMOS memory (1982); the hand-held, battery powered, real time noise analyzer (1993) and the all-digital noise dosimeter (2007).

Website: www.casellasolutions.com

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