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Pratt-Read Tools is one of the largest screwdriver manufacturers in the United States and remains fiercely committed to the “Made in America” promise. As a member of the IDEAL INDUSTRIES family of companies, Pratt-Read Tools continues to develop and manufacture a complete line of screwdrivers, handles, blades and bits for the screw-driven products industry.

Company History

Pratt-Read was originally founded in Connecticut in 1798 and is one of America’s oldest companies. It first specialized in the manufacturing of ivory piano keys and piano action mechanisms before making its first screwdrivers in 1834.

During World War II, the company continued the production of screwdriver blades but suspended its production of piano parts to manufacture gliders for the military.

In later years, Pratt-Read began to focus on screwdrivers exclusively, manufacturing its own handles, blades and—following its 2005 acquisition of  American Industrial Manufacturers—bits. Pratt-Read products are still in America, selling under its own name while also serving as a manufacturer for other tool manufacturers.

Website:  www.prattread.com

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