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IDEAL Electrical

The IDEAL Electrical Division is a trusted leader in the development of dependable products and technology for a number of industries, including electrical and wire processing, aerospace, L.E.D. power, automotive and the alternative energy industries.

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IDEAL Networks

The IDEAL Networks Division is a worldwide leader in data communications solutions. IDEAL Networks develops and manufactures network testers, network installation and management equipment for Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and access telecom infrastructures worldwide.

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Casella is a respected leader in the development, manufacture and supply of occupational health and environmental monitoring instrumentation.

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Audacy® is advanced wireless lighting control – which is really the future of lighting overall.

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Anderson Power Products Inc.

APP® prides itself on more than 120 years of innovation in the design and manufacturing of versatile high-power interconnect products for the electrical, power, industrial and alternative energy industries.

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Magnetic PowerPucks® attach to a low voltage, safe-to-the-touch rail using existing USB cords so that multiple devices can be charged at once.

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LaceLok® combines the secure grip of a cable tie system with the softness of a hand tie system.

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We integrate power and technology to create better designed, more productive office spaces.

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SK Hand Tool, LLC

SK Hand Tool has been trusted by generations of mechanics for its broad line of quality, American-made tools that include sockets, wrenches, ratchets, hammers, and screwdrivers.

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Western Forge

Western Forge is a trusted manufacturer of American-made hand tools for professional tradesmen and DIY consumers.

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Pratt-Read Tools, LLC

Pratt-Read is a leading manufacturer of screwdrivers, handles, blades and bits for retail and wholesale markets in the automotive, electrical, power, industrial, alternative energy and safety, health & environmental industries.

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